We encourage you to enrol your new, young puppy (10-18 weeks old at the start of class, minimum 2 sets of shots) in our PUPPY Obedience/Socialization class.  This is a very popular class which provides the owner with a wealth of information as well as providing the puppy with an opportunity to socialize with people, dogs and
learn basic obedience in a fun atmosphere.  Graduates of the puppy class may progess to
LEVEL 1 to continue their obedience training.

This motivational and fun class is just the right start for the newest addition to your family.  Using food and toys as tools your puppy will be introduced to obedience and participate in confidence-building games and exercises. We also offer tips and suggestions for raising a well-adjusted, healthy puppy.  Weekly lesson sheets are provided.

Some of the things covered in the Puppy class are:
  *  Recall - to come quickly/happily when called
  *  Walking on leash without pulling
  *  Heeling - introdction to formal heeling
  *  Sit, Stand, Down - using both verbal commands and hand signals
  *  Sit Stay - introduction to say command
  *  Wait, Fun retrieve
  *  Over (jump over a low jump),  Through (go through a tunnel)
     Off (sniffing, jumping up)

What to BRING to the First Class

Puppy and Level 1 students should bring Proof of Vaccination (from you vet), an appropriate collar and lead, and your dog.

Leashes and collars will also be available for purchase.

You are welcome to bring your family and friends to watch.

Vaccination criteria : (Puppy class requires a minimum of 2 sets of shots.)
                                  (Level 1 requires all shots including rabies.)