The Level 1 class is for dogs and puppies older than  4 months that have not had any previous obedience training.  We encourage you to enrol your dog at a young age - the younger the better - before any bad habits start.  Food and toys are tools used in this class.

   The Level 1 class is also the next progression for our Puppy Class graduates.

Classes include:
Walking on leash without pulling
   *  Recall - to come when called the first time,
even with distradtions
   *  Sit / Down Time-out - dog to sit or lie down in
one place for period of time
   *  Sit / Stand for Examination - dog to sit/stand at
your side while someone greets you or your dog
   *  weekly "dog talk" features helpful hints and topics
on dog care and dog ownership
   *  individual attention for problems